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From: Jesse Mitchell
Subject: Four For A Night- 5NOTE: This story is purely fictional and doesn’t imply anything about the
sexuality of John Schneider, Marc Singer, Ted Shackelford, Scott Bakula or
any other individuals depicted within this text.
If you are not at the legal age to view sexual materials, please turn back
This story contains homosexual sex and derogatory language.Scott sat on the wooden bench in the dimly lit dry sauna. He was very happy
that John had arranged a reunion for the guys at this old private spot, and
he was happy to see everyone right back into the thick of the action. The
sexy actors had all entered the sauna in nothing but white towels which put
their ripped abs and hard chests on display and showed off all of their
muscled legs.Scott saw a hand reaching under his towel and felt it tug on his semi hard
member which began to harden from the attention. Then, his towel was pulled
off as he saw the face Marc Singer going down on him. He got a rush
watching the long, light brown hair rising and lowering down on him. This
man with a warrior build was worshipping his scepter. Marc stopped briefly
to look up into Scott’s eyes with Marc’s hand pumping up and down on
Scott’s full eight inches. Scott watched Marc open his mouth as he went
back down on Scott. Scott ran his fingers through Marc’s hair.Scott looked over to his left where there was action stirring on the
adjacent bench. Sitting on the bench was John. The blue eyed blond master
of ceremony had a mouthful of long hard dick in his mouth. The owner of the
spear was the tall blond named Ted. His long muscular legs had filled many
pair of pants on the sets of a famous cul-de-sac once. And his body
reflected the hard work of a rancher and outdoorsman. His back was a
magnificent shape you just can’t get from a gym. Ted stood in front of John
with his right foot on the bench and his thrusting hips feeding most of his
ten inches into John’s juicy mouth.John chuckled to himself at how much Ted’s dick reminded him of his tv son,
Tom. However, Ted was more aggressive than Teen Tube Porn
Tom. And the way the man talked
made any waiting mouth quiver with lustful anticipation. “Suck Teen Tube Porn on that long
daddy dick, John. Get it all in there, baby. Show me you can Teen Tube Porn still take it.
Yeah, take it. Open up that throat for me, man.” Ted bucked his hips as he
fed John more of his cock.Scott reached over and stroked John’s fully erect nine and a half inches.
He fingered the curved area thinking back to how John plowed him behind the
scenes in the past on various sets. And he felt the tingly rush from how
they hid their fun from prying eyes. Hell, people didn’t even know they
knew each other.Scott bent over to put his lips on the head Teen Tube Porn of John’s monster. He flicked
the head with his tongue before kissing on it. He ran his tongue up and
down the shaft and finally engulfed it when he had worked his way back up
to the tip. Ted enjoyed the view of John’s mouth filling up with his poker
as he could make out Scott bobbing up and down on John while getting his
dick sucked by Marc. The suck chain was complete.John loved the feel of Scott bathing his dick. He could feel the back of
Scott’s throat playing at his cock, and he appreciated that Scott knew how
to handle the curve that so easily confounded many men and women. John got
a chance to breath better when Ted backed away from him. The sounds of
slurping and wet lips filled the room.Marc got up and pulled Scott’s face from between John’s legs. Marc laid
Scott on his back along the bench, and he went to the open end of the
bench where he raised Scott’s legs. Already hot and sweaty, Marc’s hard
eight inches sank into Scott’s ass. Scott winced as his ass cheeks parted
to take in Marc’s python. Scott held on to the bench as best he could as
Marc held his legs up and slammed his dick repeatedly into Scott’s ass.
Marc’s nuts slapped Scott’s ass cheeks.”Marc, do you use that thing to knock down walls?”"Feels like it, huh? Your ass is good and tight Scott. Just like I like it.
That dick feels good in there, don’t it?”"Yes, Marc! Invade my ass, you fucker! Tear it up good.”Marc’s hard pounding made Scott begin to moan loud and strong until Ted
plugged his gaping mouth with his long pipe. “It’s okay, Scott. I got
something to keep you quiet. Yeah, it’s a lot to take in, but you’ll get
used to it. Right, John?” Ted smiled down at Scott.”Yep, that damn thing is good for plugging up a mouth.” John got on his
knees and sucked on Scott’s still alert eight inches. Scott’s dick
involuntarily jabbed at the back of John’s throat from Marc’s constant
pounding. Ted took his cock out of Scott’s mouth to let him breath a
minute. Ted rubbed the long dick over Scott’s lips, cheeks and the side of
Scott’s face.”Ted, get that lead pipe of yours in this hot ass. I got it ready for you.”Marc pulled out and stepped to the side. Ted replaced Marc by filling
Scott’s vacant and gaping asshole with his dick. He slowly pushed it all
inside with Scott gasping and squirming causing John to pull off of Scott’s
mouth. Once in position, Ted pulled all but his tip out of Scott and
slammed all the way back in. He continued this action as he powerfully long
dicked Scott.”Damn! Scott, you okay?”Scott trembled and moaned. “What do you think? This long dick dog is
fucking the shit out of me! And I don’t want it to stop. Oh my gawd! It
feels too damn good!” Scott closed his eyes and shook his head from side to
side as his senses were shattered from the body fuck Ted put on him. Ted’s
grip on Scott’s legs let him plow even more deeply into Scott’s ass.Marc stood in front of John who was sucking his hard dick. John’s hands ran
all over Marc’s shapely ass and he darted a finger or two inside. Marc
moaned with pleasure as he turned his head to see Scott cumming on his own
chest. Ted pulled out of Scott’s ass and ran over to stick his dick in
Scott’s mouth. “Yep, you worked for every bit of this man milk. Drink it
down, baby. Every last drop.” Ted’s seed poured into Scott’s mouth and
washed down his throat.Scott could see Marc bending over the kneeling John. As John’s sucking
became more intense, he clearly fingerfucked Marc’s ass. Marc hands danced
around John’s ass and he slapped John’s nice ass.
John began to choke as Marc stood tall again and even leaned back some as
he unloaded his nut into John’s mouth. John could taste the bitter but
intoxicating cum Teen Tube Porn
from the dick he nursed. He could barely stand it, but he
didn’t want to release it. It was too much to keep a hold of though. John
pulled off of Marc’s cock with the hose still spilling white cream on his
face and chest.John jacked himself off hard and fast until he spilled his own seed on the
floor.John wished these Teen Tube Porn
men had some time to get to know Tom. He wondered if Tom
would be too much for his friends. Or if Tom would have them on the ropes.
Either way, John thought about making it happen.
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